What DIY Coding Career Does

The DIY in the name says it all.

Tech education should be easily accessible and affordable, and by embracing the DIY ethos and forging your own path, it can be available to almost anyone in any community.

These days, there’s so much quality content available for free, or very low cost, that anyone can learn new skills regardless of where they’re starting from. But the fact that this content exists doesn’t always mean that the path to a specific goal is easy to find. That’s where DIY Coding Career comes in.

We help navigate the learning path and help students set goals, find the right content, and stay on track to meet the goals they set.

We have guides to help answer questions and plan the next steps on your coding journey. We have services like one on one planning sessions to help develop your own personal DIY coding education roadmap. We’re also here to answer questions.

Let us know how we can help.

Start with the guides

If you’re brand new to coding start with the guides that help answer some questions right up front. Answering these questions can save a lot of time and make the beginning of your journey a lot smoother.

  1. Figure out your coding career starting point. It may seem a bit obvious, but evaluating your skills in order to start in the right place is really important.
  2. Think about your development career goals. Knowing where you want to go is crucial in actually getting there.

Which Services Might Help

If you’re further along on your coding education path, or if it’s already well thought out and you know what you need, some of the services we offer might be the right way to go.

We can take a look at your background, your current situation, and your goals as a developer and come up with a personalized plan that will get you from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. For instance, you can use this plan to work your way towards a professional portfolio, a resume, and skills to help land a new job.

Along the way you might also need someone to check in with and make sure you’re on track, or to help tweak a plan that needs a little adjustment. We can do that too.

We have a few other services that you can check out over on our services page as well.