DIY Coding Career Guides

It’s hard to get somewhere when you don’t know where you’re starting from. A good guide can solve many problems while still allowing for a very personal, meaningful journey.

These guides are meant to help you answer some questions about your software development path and your coding career trajectory overall. Once you have a good idea where you’re starting from as a coder, you can plan a lot more effectively and get better results from the work you put in.

Be honest about your existing programming skill set, and try to be very realistic about your dedication and the time you’re willing to put in to writing code and learning each day, and each week. If you overestimate these points, you won’t achieve the goals you’re hoping to, and you will become frustrated and possibly give up.

The more honest you can be as a coding student, the more accurate your plan will be…as long as you stick to it!

First off, where are you starting from in your coding journey?

Then you can consider, what are your goals as a developer?

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